Factory Promotional Adjustable Coilovers - 2.0″-3.5″ triple bypass shocks with 2pcs remote reservoirs with compression adjusters internal bypass shocks – AUP

Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:
Reizap offroad shock
Car Model:
4×4 vehicle and buggy car
Product name:
race bypass shock
hard chrome plating
4×4 offroad vehicle or buggy
Quality Guarantee:
12 months
Customer Brand


At REIZAP shocks “custom” is our normal procedure. every shock we made is built for your particular application. When you order your shocks, our sales consultants review the information provided on your pre-order form to come up with the basic configuration you will need. then they guide you through the over thirty different options available to come up with the ultimate set of shocks tailored to your vehicle, driving style, and personal preferences. almost every component on our shocks has a custom option available. Body ad shaft lengths and diameters, rod end style, holes materials and lengths, bump stops, sea;s, single or dual rate springs and of course custom colors and finishes to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

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At REIZAP shocks, our subjective is to make your a contender every time out. the new 2.0″-3.5″ diameter, pure race series shocks from Reizap are built to handle the biggest tire and wheel packages and the sustained high speeds achieved by the fastest unlimited race vehicles

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Quality &function&design specification

1.Joint bearing, made in Japan

2.The eye ring is 70 series

3. Aluminum material from southwest aluminum company.

4. 35CrMo materials of piston, thermal refining and high frequent treatment are to make sure greatest flexibiity and wear resistant. chrome coating and precision fitting with oilless bearing are to avoid wear of oil seal and any leakage.

5. Double-layer oil seal for mono shock eas designed by NOK from Janpan. O rings are also from Japan designed with great performance of wear & temperature resistance.

6. 7075 material of piston, coating with PTFE is to reduce wear to inner wall of cylinder and also to have good compensation effect.

All these lower mount are forged with 70 series aluminum fro southwest aluminum which perform well on density and intensity.

7.The special red oil is from FUCHS Germany, it can keep its dynamic viscosity characteristic between -50oC to 160o C .The damping force is always constant whenever in summer or winter.

8.Gas-filled cover is using double-layer oil seal to avoid any leakage.

9. Gas cylinder is using 70 series aluminum for aviation with light weight, good intensity and heat dissipation.

9. 32 level adjustable with soft and hard function, turn right is to hard and left to soft. the head of il tube can rotate freely at 360 degree, it was designed for easy operation of adjuster.

The adjusting valve is piston structure, it makes damping changed at different speed by a parabolic curve. that means soft and smooth at small vibration protect whole suspension without breakdown.

10.Innner oil tube is using TEFLON materials with heat resistance to avoid aging at 100 degree and life after 2 years. 11.outer oil tube is using stainless steel wire protect inner tube and avoid more damage by sand and stone when driving.

The rotated oil tube head is easy for installation. read more to user mannual

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